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This work looking good from the point of view of of the technique and hight-looking comic strip. You working hard with color and tone. But! From the point of view of sense of the represented action of this picture not looking it is quite reasonable. Wery epic. Too close to the foul. The movements of the main character and his opponent attacing from the fountain the too difficult. Therefore look improbably. Left arm of the Hero is so short in a forearm. It was necessary to put forward an elbow a little. There can't be too strong reduction despite a difficult foreshortening of a picture. Enemy on the fontane is... falls? What does it do? Attacking back? He was pushed? Very not thought over character. I would move away him absolutely. I have idea: Give enemy a chair in his hands. It will raise a chair. Also give your hero a long cane. The hero can stick with this cane to the enemy into a stomach. If takes it for a knob and will clamp it an armpit. The moon too should be moved to the left part of the sky if you redraw the enemy on the fountain.
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